Vermillion's Simple Navbar Tutorial

Category: CSS, HTML
Reviewed by: Vermillion   
Reviewed on: Nov 24 2008
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Navbars (Navigation Bars) are a basic element that most web pages have nowadays. At the same time, it can be quite tricky to make one, specially for people who are new to web development. It is one of the things that most people wonder how to make them, and at the end, it's not made the way they used to think it was! For that reason, I am writing this simple Navbar Tutorial, to help you get started.

To make the simple navbar, you need four things:

  • Basic HTML Knowledge
  • Basic CSS Knowledge
  • Something to write the code with, like notepad (NOT a WYSIWYG program!!)
  • Patience

That's it! If you lack one of those, come back later >=(!

I suggest you follow this tutorial step by step before you ask any questions. But if you have any questions about my navbar tutorial, send me a private message on Devpen or on Neoseeker.