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Haru PDF Functions

LIII. Haru PDF Functions


The PECL/haru extension provides bindings for Haru Free PDF Library - free, cross platform, opensource software library for generating PDF files.

You can find the library here:


This extension is EXPERIMENTAL. The behaviour of this extension -- including the names of its functions and anything else documented about this extension -- may change without notice in a future release of PHP. Use this extension at your own risk.


You need to install libharu first to be able to use PECL/haru. PECL/haru is tested with libharu 2.0.8, older versions might or might not work for you. PECL/haru also requires PHP 5.1.3 or newer.


Information for installing this PECL extension may be found in the manual chapter titled Installation of PECL extensions. Additional information such as new releases, downloads, source files, maintainer information, and a CHANGELOG, can be located here:

The latest PECL/haru Win32 DLL can be downloaded here: php_haru.dll.

Runtime Configuration

This extension has no configuration directives defined in php.ini.


Example 1. Basic PECL/haru example


= new HaruDoc;

$doc->setPageMode(HaruDoc::PAGE_MODE_USE_THUMBS); /* show thumbnails */

$page = $doc->addPage(); /* add page to the document */
$page->setSize(HaruPage::SIZE_A4, HaruPage::LANDSCAPE); /* set the page to use A4 landscape format */

$courier = $doc->getFont("Courier-Bold"); /* we'll use the bundled font a few lines below */

$page->setRGBStroke(0, 0, 0); /* set colors */
$page->setRGBFill(0.7, 0.8, 0.9);
$page->rectangle(150, 150, 550, 250); /* draw a rectangle */

$page->fillStroke(); /* fill and stroke it */

$page->setDash(array(3, 3), 0); /* set dash style for lines at this page */
$page->setFontAndSize($courier, 60); /* set font and size */

$page->setRGBStroke(0.5, 0.5, 0.1); /* set line color */
$page->setRGBFill(1, 1, 1); /* set filling color */

$page->setTextRenderingMode(HaruPage::FILL_THEN_STROKE); /* fill and stroke text */

/* print the text */
$page->textOut(210, 270, "Hello World!");

$doc->save("/tmp/test.pdf"); /* save the document into a file */


Open the result document in your favourite PDF viewer and you should see a light-blue rectangle and white "Hello World!" on it.

Builtin Fonts And Encodings

Builtin Fonts

These Base14 fonts are built-in into PDF and all viewers can display them. Using these fonts may decrease the size of the result file and make the processing faster, avoiding loading external fonts. However the fonts support only latin1 character set and you have to load external fonts if you need to use an other character set.

The Base14 fonts:

  • Courier

  • Courier-Bold

  • Courier-Oblique

  • Courier-BoldOblique

  • Helvetica

  • Helvetica-Bold

  • Helvetica-Oblique

  • Helvetica-BoldOblique

  • Times-Roman

  • Times-Bold

  • Times-Italic

  • Times-BoldItalic

  • Symbol

  • ZapfDingbats

Builtin Encodings

Table 1. Single-byte character set encodings

StandardEncoding The default encoding of PDF.
MacRomanEncoding The standard encoding of Mac OS.
WinAnsiEncoding The standard encoding of Windows.
FontSpecific The font built-in encoding.
ISO8859-2 Latin2 (East European)
ISO8859-3 Latin3 (South European)
ISO8859-4 Latin4 (North European)
ISO8859-5 Cyrillic
ISO8859-6 Arabic
ISO8859-7 Greek
ISO8859-8 Hebrew
ISO8859-9 Latin5 (Turkish)
ISO8859-10 Latin6 (Nordic)
ISO8859-11 Thai
ISO8859-13 Latin7 (Baltic Rim)
ISO8859-14 Latin8 (Celtic)
ISO8859-15 Latin9
ISO8859-16 Latin10
CP1250 MS Windows Codepage 1250.
CP1251 MS Windows Codepage 1251.
CP1252 MS Windows Codepage 1252.
CP1253 MS Windows Codepage 1253.
CP1254 MS Windows Codepage 1254.
CP1255 MS Windows Codepage 1255.
CP1256 MS Windows Codepage 1256.
CP1257 MS Windows Codepage 1257.
CP1258 MS Windows Codepage 1258.
KOI8-R Cyrillic character set.

Table 2. Multi-byte character set encodings

GB-EUC-H EUC-CN encoding.
GB-EUC-V Vertical writing version of GB-EUC-H.
GBK-EUC-H Microsoft Code Page 936 (lfCharSet 0x86) GBK encoding.
GBK-EUC-V Vertical writing version of GBK-EUC-H.
ETen-B5-H Microsoft Code Page 950 (lfCharSet 0x88) Big Five character set with ETen extensions.
ETen-B5-V Vertical writing version of ETen-B5-H.
90ms-RKSJ-H Microsoft Code Page 932, JIS X 0208 character.
90ms-RKSJ-V Vertical writing version of 90ms-RKSJ-V.
90msp-RKSJ-H Microsoft Code Page 932, JIS X 0208 character (proportional).
EUC-H JIS X 0208 character set, EUC-JP encoding.
EUC-V Vertical writing version of EUC-H.
KSC-EUC-H KS X 1001:1992 character set, EUC-KR encoding.
KSC-EUC-V Vertical writing version of KSC-EUC-V.
KSCms-UHC-H Microsoft Code Page 949 (lfCharSet 0x81), KS X 1001:1992 character set plus 8822 additional hangul, Unified Hangul Code (UHC) encoding (proportional).
KSCms-UHC-HW-H Microsoft Code Page 949 (lfCharSet 0x81), KS X 1001:1992 character set plus 8822 additional hangul, Unified Hangul Code (UHC) encoding (fixed width).
KSCms-UHC-HW-V Vertical writing version of KSCms-UHC-HW-H.
Table of Contents
HaruException -- Haru PDF Exception Class
HaruDoc -- Haru PDF Document Class
HaruPage -- Haru PDF Page Class
HaruFont -- Haru PDF Font Class
HaruImage -- Haru PDF Image Class
HaruEncoder -- Haru PDF Encoder Class
HaruOutline -- Haru PDF Outline Class
HaruAnnotation -- Haru PDF Annotation Class
HaruDestination -- Haru PDF Destination Class
HaruAnnotation::setBorderStyle -- Set the border style of the annotation
HaruAnnotation::setHighlightMode -- Set the highlighting mode of the annotation
HaruAnnotation::setIcon -- Set the icon style of the annotation
HaruAnnotation::setOpened -- Set the initial state of the annotation
HaruDestination::setFit -- Set the appearance of the page to fit the window
HaruDestination::setFitB -- Set the appearance of the page to fit the bounding box of the page within the window
HaruDestination::setFitBH -- Set the appearance of the page to fit the width of the bounding box
HaruDestination::setFitBV -- Set the appearance of the page to fit the height of the boudning box
HaruDestination::setFitH -- Set the appearance of the page to fit the window width
HaruDestination::setFitR -- Set the appearance of the page to fit the specified rectangle
HaruDestination::setFitV -- Set the appearance of the page to fit the window height
HaruDestination::setXYZ -- Set the appearance of the page
HaruDoc::addPage -- Add new page to the document
HaruDoc::addPageLabel -- Set the numbering style for the specified range of pages
HaruDoc::__construct -- Construct new HaruDoc instance
HaruDoc::createOutline -- Create a HaruOutline instance
HaruDoc::getCurrentEncoder -- Get HaruEncoder currently used in the document
HaruDoc::getCurrentPage -- Return current page of the document
HaruDoc::getEncoder -- Get HaruEncoder instance for the specified encoding
HaruDoc::getFont -- Get HaruFont instance
HaruDoc::getInfoAttr -- Get current value of the specified document attribute
HaruDoc::getPageLayout -- Get current page layout
HaruDoc::getPageMode -- Get current page mode
HaruDoc::getStreamSize -- Get the size of the temporary stream
HaruDoc::insertPage -- Insert new page just before the specified page
HaruDoc::loadJPEG -- Load JPEG image and return new HaruImage instance
HaruDoc::loadPNG -- Load PNG image and return HaruImage instance
HaruDoc::loadRaw -- Load RAW image and return HaruImage instance
HaruDoc::loadTTC -- Load the font with the specified index from TTC file
HaruDoc::loadTTF -- Load TTF font file
HaruDoc::loadType1 -- Load Type1 font
HaruDoc::output -- Write the document data to the output buffer
HaruDoc::readFromStream -- Read data from the temporary stream
HaruDoc::resetError -- Reset error state of the document handle
HaruDoc::resetStream -- Rewind the temporary stream
HaruDoc::save -- Save the document into the specified file
HaruDoc::saveToStream -- Save the document into a temporary stream
HaruDoc::setCompressionMode -- Set compression mode for the document
HaruDoc::setCurrentEncoder -- Set the current encoder for the document
HaruDoc::setEncryptionMode -- Set encryption mode for the document
HaruDoc::setInfoAttr -- Set the info attribute of the document
HaruDoc::setInfoDateAttr -- Set the datetime info attributes of the document
HaruDoc::setOpenAction -- Define which page is shown when the document is opened
HaruDoc::setPageLayout -- Set how pages should be displayed
HaruDoc::setPageMode -- Set how the document should be displayed
HaruDoc::setPagesConfiguration -- Set the number of pages per set of pages
HaruDoc::setPassword -- Set owner and user passwords for the document
HaruDoc::setPermission -- Set permissions for the document
HaruDoc::useCNSEncodings -- Enable Chinese simplified encodings
HaruDoc::useCNSFonts -- Enable builtin Chinese simplified fonts
HaruDoc::useCNTEncodings -- Enable Chinese traditional encodings
HaruDoc::useCNTFonts -- Enable builtin Chinese traditional fonts
HaruDoc::useJPEncodings -- Enable Japanese encodings
HaruDoc::useJPFonts -- Enable builtin Japanese fonts
HaruDoc::useKREncodings -- Enable Korean encodings
HaruDoc::useKRFonts -- Enable builtin Korean fonts
HaruEncoder::getByteType -- Get the type of the byte in the text
HaruEncoder::getType -- Get the type of the encoder
HaruEncoder::getUnicode -- Convert the specified character to unicode
HaruEncoder::getWritingMode -- Get the writing mode of the encoder
HaruFont::getAscent -- Get the vertical ascent of the font
HaruFont::getCapHeight -- Get the distance from the baseline of uppercase letters
HaruFont::getDescent -- Get the vertical descent of the font
HaruFont::getEncodingName -- Get the name of the encoding
HaruFont::getFontName -- Get the name of the font
HaruFont::getTextWidth -- Get the total width of the text, number of characters, number of words and number of spaces
HaruFont::getUnicodeWidth -- Get the width of the character in the font
HaruFont::getXHeight -- Get the distance from the baseline of lowercase letters
HaruFont::measureText -- Calculate the number of characters which can be included within the specified width
HaruImage::getBitsPerComponent -- Get the number of bits used to describe each color component of the image
HaruImage::getColorSpace -- Get the name of the color space
HaruImage::getHeight -- Get the height of the image
HaruImage::getSize -- Get size of the image
HaruImage::getWidth -- Get the width of the image
HaruImage::setColorMask -- Set the color mask of the image
HaruImage::setMaskImage -- Set the image mask
HaruOutline::setDestination -- Set the destination for the outline
HaruOutline::setOpened -- Set the initial state of the outline
HaruPage::arc -- Append an arc to the current path
HaruPage::beginText -- Begin a text object and set the current text position to (0,0)
HaruPage::circle -- Append a circle to the current path
HaruPage::closePath -- Append a straight line from the current point to the start point of the path
HaruPage::concat -- Concatenate current transformation matrix of the page and the specified matrix
HaruPage::createDestination -- Create new HaruDestination instance
HaruPage::createLinkAnnotation -- Create new HaruAnnotation instance
HaruPage::createTextAnnotation -- Create new HaruAnnotation instance
HaruPage::createURLAnnotation -- Create and return new HaruAnnotation instance
HaruPage::curveTo2 -- Append a Bezier curve to the current path
HaruPage::curveTo3 -- Append a Bezier curve to the current path
HaruPage::curveTo -- Append a Bezier curve to the current path
HaruPage::drawImage -- Show image at the page
HaruPage::ellipse -- Append an ellipse to the current path
HaruPage::endPath -- End current path object without filling and painting operations
HaruPage::endText -- End current text object
HaruPage::eofill -- Fill current path using even-odd rule
HaruPage::eoFillStroke -- Fill current path using even-odd rule, then paint the path
HaruPage::fill -- Fill current path using nonzero winding number rule
HaruPage::fillStroke -- Fill current path using nonzero winding number rule, then paint the path
HaruPage::getCharSpace -- Get the current value of character spacing
HaruPage::getCMYKFill -- Get the current filling color
HaruPage::getCMYKStroke -- Get the current stroking color
HaruPage::getCurrentFont -- Get the currently used font
HaruPage::getCurrentFontSize -- Get the current font size
HaruPage::getCurrentPos -- Get the current position for path painting
HaruPage::getCurrentTextPos -- Get the current position for text printing
HaruPage::getDash -- Get the current dash pattern
HaruPage::getFillingColorSpace -- Get the current filling color space
HaruPage::getFlatness -- Get the flatness of the page
HaruPage::getGMode -- Get the current graphics mode
HaruPage::getGrayFill -- Get the current filling color
HaruPage::getGrayStroke -- Get the current stroking color
HaruPage::getHeight -- Get the height of the page
HaruPage::getHorizontalScaling -- Get the current value of horizontal scaling
HaruPage::getLineCap -- Get the current line cap style
HaruPage::getLineJoin -- Get the current line join style
HaruPage::getLineWidth -- Get the current line width
HaruPage::getMiterLimit -- Get the value of miter limit
HaruPage::getRGBFill -- Get the current filling color
HaruPage::getRGBStroke -- Get the current stroking color
HaruPage::getStrokingColorSpace -- Get the current stroking color space
HaruPage::getTextLeading -- Get the current value of line spacing
HaruPage::getTextMatrix -- Get the current text transformation matrix of the page
HaruPage::getTextRenderingMode -- Get the current text rendering mode
HaruPage::getTextRise -- Get the current value of text rising
HaruPage::getTextWidth -- Get the width of the text using current fontsize, character spacing and word spacing
HaruPage::getTransMatrix -- Get the current transformation matrix of the page
HaruPage::getWidth -- Get the width of the page
HaruPage::getWordSpace -- Get the current value of word spacing
HaruPage::lineTo -- Draw a line from the current point to the specified point
HaruPage::measureText -- Calculate the number of characters which can be included within the specified width
HaruPage::moveTextPos -- Move text position to the specified offset
HaruPage::moveTo -- Set starting point for new drawing path
HaruPage::moveToNextLine -- Move text position to the start of the next line
HaruPage::rectangle -- Append a rectangle to the current path
HaruPage::setCharSpace -- Set character spacing for the page
HaruPage::setCMYKFill -- Set filling color for the page
HaruPage::setCMYKStroke -- Set stroking color for the page
HaruPage::setDash -- Set the dash pattern for the page
HaruPage::setFlatness -- Set flatness for the page
HaruPage::setFontAndSize -- Set font and fontsize for the page
HaruPage::setGrayFill -- Set filling color for the page
HaruPage::setGrayStroke -- Sets stroking color for the page
HaruPage::setHeight -- Set height of the page
HaruPage::setHorizontalScaling -- Set horizontal scaling for the page
HaruPage::setLineCap -- Set the shape to be used at the ends of lines
HaruPage::setLineJoin -- Set line join style for the page
HaruPage::setLineWidth -- Set line width for the page
HaruPage::setMiterLimit -- Set the current value of the miter limit of the page
HaruPage::setRGBFill -- Set filling color for the page
HaruPage::setRGBStroke -- Set stroking color for the page
HaruPage::setRotate -- Set rotation angle of the page
HaruPage::setSize -- Set size and direction of the page
HaruPage::setSlideShow -- Set transition style for the page
HaruPage::setTextLeading -- Set text leading (line spacing) for the page
HaruPage::setTextMatrix -- Set the current text transformation matrix of the page
HaruPage::setTextRenderingMode -- Set text rendering mode for the page
HaruPage::setTextRise -- Set the current value of text rising
HaruPage::setWidth -- Set width of the page
HaruPage::setWordSpace -- Set word spacing for the page
HaruPage::showText -- Print text at the current position of the page
HaruPage::showTextNextLine -- Move the current position to the start of the next line and print the text
HaruPage::stroke -- Paint current path
HaruPage::textOut -- Print the text on the specified position
HaruPage::textRect -- Print the text inside the specified region