redemption - May 29 2007 02:58PM in General

I said DEVPEN was back in January 2006, and well it's back again. This time around we've totally switched out of the old CMS system that I wrote way back years ago, to the new NeoCMS that we use to power OverclockersClub. The new CMS system is greatly enhanced over the previous one in that it now supports RSS feeds, comments for news articles, permalinks for articles, much better image management for articles, images for news, and allows us to control article publishing much better.

Because of the permalink and comments system I'm going to be posting blog like posts to the frontpage every so often as I discover new things while developing our sites or when I have unexplained mysteries that are yet to be resolved. I've been meaning to do this a while since I always discover things that I find would be useful to others.

Anyway, with that and the new CMS I think you'll find updates around here will hopefully start flowing again!!